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A Timely Message for Canadians

Our planet is burning while Canadian governments continue to play the same tune of "More Growth" under the guise of "green growth", "smart growth", "sustainable growth" and other slogans.

Unlike the Covid-19 pandemic, which was addressed quickly and directly (albeit with greatly variable results) the much larger threats of climate change and environmental decline have not drawn decisive action.

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Connect the Dots

Very often, we deal with only the symptoms rather than the real causes of our problems. In this video, we identify the causes of the large scale social and environmental problems we face daily.


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Latest Articles

  • Connect the Dots

    Our society faces myriad long-term environmental, social and economic problems.

    Although the mainstream media do recognize that many of them exist, they never discuss their fundamental causes and consequently, we continue to drift in an information vacuum as these problems progressively worsen.

  • Because of Covid-19, Governments Get Real

    Until this past year, “models”, “ranges” and “worst-case” were terms previously absent from political speeches. Along with these new terms, the pandemic has brought a new type of advisor to daises of leaders worldwide.


  • The Pandemic Drives the Dawn of a New Enlightenment

    From the time of the 1600s and before, people prayed harder, self-flagellated and burned witches to appease an obviously very angry God for extreme weather, war, famine, and other now explainable phenomena.  

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